Prolast Heavy Duty Deluxe Silent Boxing Ring 16' x 16' Elevated - COMPLETE

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Product Overview

The Prolast Heavy Duty Deluxe Silent Boxing Rings are meticulously engineered using heavy-duty 3/16” gauge steel, epitomizing exceptional strength and durability. Foam padded steel plateform prevents extra clapping noise of wood to steel when in use, unlike many other brands. Crafted with precision, these rings feature a robust canvas cover and generously padded foam-coated wire ropes, facilitating effortless installation in comparison to conventional ring ropes.

Available in both low boy and elevated configurations, these deluxe rings are accompanied by two sturdy steel stairs and attachable ring stools designed for swiveling convenience. Noteworthy for their innovative design, the rope spacers ensure unparalleled stability, eliminating unwanted movements commonly associated with alternative rope spacer systems.

Distinguished by their professional-grade turnbuckle and O-ring covers, these rings effectively conceal all hardware components, presenting a refined and secure aesthetic. This meticulous design underscores both the visual appeal and safety considerations integral to the overall construction of the ring.

*Made in USA.

*Lifetime warranty on all the steal framing.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review